4. Converting 3.x sources

To make the transition to from version 3.x to 4 easy, use the converter to convert old source files.

First, take a backup of your source before converting. The source files will be overwritten so its good to have a copy of the original source files. In case there comes updates to the converter, you need the original v3 source code to convert again.

Step one in converting is starting up the converter. This is done by the following command:

java -jar KickAss3To4Converter.jar

Step two is selecting what to convert. This is done by checking the check boxes in the upper panel. The ones already checked are meant to be converted (You should have a good reason to un check them). The non checked ('Replace .pc with *') are cosmetic changes.

Step three in converting is selecting which source files to convert. To do so, use the 3 buttons:

  1. 'Add Files' - Gives you a dialog from which you can pick individual source files.

  2. 'Add SourceDir' - Gives you a dialog from which you can add source files of a given type(s) from a source directory and it's subdirectories.

  3. 'Remove files' - Removes the selected files of the current file list.

The selected files will appear in the list in the center.

When done, execute the final step by pressing the 'Convert' button, and the conversion will be executed.

The converter will take care of most of the transitions. Currently know issues are:

  1. If a command spans more than one line and doesn't contain a kind of parenthesis (soft, hard or curly), you might have to set one as explained in the previous section.