3.8. Importing source code

Use the preprocessor to import other source files.

// Import the file "mylibrary.asm"
#import "MyLibrary.asm"  

// Only import "UpstartCode.asm" if STAND_ALONE is defined
#importif STAND_ALONE "UpstartCode.asm"

Note that preprocessor commands starts with #. Refer to the chapter on the preprocessor for a detailed description.

When Kick Assembler searches for a file, it first look in the current directory. Afterwards it looks in the directories supplied by the ‘-libdir’ parameter when running the assembler. This enables you to create standard libraries for files you use in several different sources. A command line could look like this:

java –jar kickass.jar myProgram.asm –libdir ..\music –libdir c:\code\stdlib

If you build source code libraries you might want to ensure that the library is only included once in your code. This can be done by placing a #importonce directive in the top of the library file:

.print "This will only be printed once!"

#import "File1.asm" // This will import File1
#import "File1.asm" // This will not import anything

NOTE! The v3.x directives for importing source files using the import directive (.import source "myfile.asm" and .importonce), not the preprocessor, is still supported. But its recommended to use the preprocessor directives, since they will give a more natural order of evaluation. Using the preprocessor will import the source at once while using the old import directive will first parse the entire file, and then import external files during evaluation.