12.4. Converting Graphics

Kick Assembler makes it easy to convert graphics from gif and jpg files to the basic C64 formats. A picture can be loaded into a picture value by the LoadPicture function. The picture value can then be accessed by various functions depending on which format you want. The following will place a single color logo in a standard 32x8 char matrix charset placed at $2000.

.var logo = LoadPicture("CML_32x8.gif")
.fill $800, logo.getSinglecolorByte((i>>3)&$1f, (i&7) | (i>>8)<<3)

If you don't like the compact form of the .fill command you can use a for loop instead. The following will produce the same data:

.var logo = LoadPicture("CML_32x8.gif")
.for (var y=0; y<8; y++)
    .for (var x=0;x<32; x++)
        .for(var charPosY=0; charPosY<8; charPosY++)
            .byte logo.getSinglecolorByte(x,charPosY+y*8)

The LoadPicture can take a color table as the second argument. This is used to decide which bit pattern is produced by a pixel. In single color mode there are two bit patters (%0 and %1) and multi color mode has four (%00, %01, %10 and %11). If you don’t specify a color table, a default table is created based on the colors in the picture. However, normally you wish to control which color is mapped to a bit pattern. The following shows how to convert a picture to a 16x16 multi color char matrix charset:

*=$2800 “Logo”
.var picture = LoadPicture("Picture_16x16.gif", 
                            List().add($444444, $6c6c6c,$959595,$000000))
.fill $800, picture.getMulticolorByte(i>>7,i&$7f)

The four colors added to the list are the RGB values for the colors that are mapped to each bit pattern.

Finally the picture value contains a getPixel function from which you can get the RGB color of a pixel. This comes in handy when you want to make your own format for some special purpose.

Attributes and functions available on picture values:

Table 12.3. PictureValue Functions

Attribute/Function Description
width Returns the width of the picture in pixels.
height Returns the height of the picture in pixels.
getPixel(x,y) Returns the RGB value of the pixel at position x,y. Both x and y are given in pixels.
getSinglecolorByte(x,y) Converts 8 pixels to a single color byte using the color table. X is given as a byte number (= pixel position/8) and y is given in pixels.
getMulticolorByte(x,y) Converts 4 pixels to a multi color byte using the color table. X is given as a byte number (= pixel position/8) and y is given in pixels. (NB. This function ignores every second pixel since the C64 multi color format is half the resolution of the single color.)