15.2. Realtime feedback from the assembler

For writers of editors Kick Assembler has some special features which enables you to get info about the source file while the user is editing it. This is done by calling Kick Assembler in strategic places like, when the user hasn't typed anything for a given period of time.

First, the content of the one or several source files might not be saved. To get by this, save the content to a temporary file and use the replaceFile option to substitute the content of the original file:

java -jar KickAss.jar mysource.asm -replacefile c:\ka\mysource.asm c:\tmp\tmpSource.asm

This replaces the content of the first file with the second. It doesn't matter if the file is the main file or included by another filer, and your can have as many replaceFile options as you want.

Secondly, you don't want Kick Assembler to do a complete assembling each time you call it. It might take too much time to assemble and you don't want the assembler to overwrite output. To take care of this, use the -noeval option.

java -jar KickAss.jar mysource.asm -noeval ...

This make Kick Assembler parse the source file and do an initial pass, no evaluation will be done. This will detect syntax errors and return syntax information.