Chapter 15. Assemble Information

Kick Assembler 4, and later versions, exposes information of build in features and of the assembled source files. This is intended for authors of editors who want to provide extra support for Kick Assembler such as realtime error and syntax feedback and help text for build in directives and libraries. These features are under development and the interface might change. If you plan to use this get in touch with the author so we can coordinate our efforts.

15.1. The AsmInfo option

To get assemble info back from Kick Assembler, use the -asminfo option:

java -jar KickAss.jar mysource.asm -asminfo all

When executing the above statement, output is written to the file "asminfo.txt", but you can specify the file by the -asminfofile option:

java -jar KickAss.jar mysource.asm -asminfo all -asminfofile myAsmInfo.txt

The content of the file will have different sections dependent on what info you have requested. The second parameter describes which info is returned, so in the above example all possible info is returned. The output divided into sections, with different types of information, here is an example:

.text;.text "hello";Dumps text bytes to memory.
.by;.by $01,$02,$03;An alias for '.byte'.

The details of the sections will be explained later.

There are two categories of asmInfo: Predefined info, which contains information about the features that is build into the assembler like directives and libraries. The other main category is source specific informations, like the syntax of the source or errors in the source. You can turn on one or several categories or sections:

This will export all predefined assemble info sections:

java -jar KickAss.jar mysource.asm -asminfo allPredefined

And this will export all predefined assemble info sections and any errors:

java -jar KickAss.jar mysource.asm -asminfo allPredefined|errors

Notice the '|' is used to give several selections - you can add as many as you want. This is the available options:

Table 15.1. AsmInfo

Name Category Description
all meta Exports all info, both predefined and source specific
allPredefined meta All predefined infos
allSourceSpecific meta All source specific infos
version predefined The version of the assembler
libraries predefined The defined libraries (Functions and constants)
directives predefined The defined directives
preprocessorDirectives predefined The defined preprocessor directives
files sourceSpecific The files involved in the assembling
syntax sourceSpecific Syntax info of the given files
errors sourceSpecific Errors of the assembling

When the category says 'meta' the option is used to select several of the sections. When the category is not 'meta' the option refers to a specific section. The details of the sections is given in later chapters.