Chapter 3. Basic Assembler Functionality

This chapter describes the mnemonics and the basic directives that are not related to the script language.

3.1. Mnemonics

In Kick Assembler you can write assembler mnemonics the traditional way:

lda #0
sta $d020
sta $d021

If you want to write several commands on one line then separate them with ; like this:

lda #0; sta $d020; sta $d021

Kick Assembler supports different sets of opcodes. The default set includes the standard 6502 mnemonics plus the illegal opcodes. To switch between instruction sets of different cpu's use the .cpu directive: The following will switch to the 65c02 instruction set:

.cpu _65c02

loop:  inc $20
       bra loop   // bra is not present in standard 6502 mnemonics 

Available cpus are:

Table 3.1. CPU's

Name Description
_6502NoIllegals The standard 6502 instruction set.
_6502 The standard 6502 instruction + the illegal opcodes. This is the default setting for KickAssembler.
dtv The standard 6502 instruction set + the DTV commands.
_65c02 The 65c02 instruction set.

A complete listing of the CPU instructions and their opcodes can be found in the Quick Reference Appendix.