Chapter 11. PRG files and D64 Disks

11.1. Introduction

This chapter explains how to create prg-files and d64 disk images using the .file and .disk directive.

The .file directive is quite straight forward, but adds a few extra options over the outPrg parameter for segments.

With the .disk directive you can use Kick Assembler as a standalone disk creation tool, by selecting files from the hard disk to add to a disk image, or you can assemble directly to the disk using segments, or you can mix the two methods.The directive collects parameters and sends them to a disk writer which can either be the build in disk writer or one given by a plug in. The build in default writer is based on the 'CC1541' disk tool by Andreas Larsson, and should cover all needs when creating standard disks. With specialized writers from plugins you can write disks for specific loaders etc.

A big thanks to Andreas for rewriting CC1541 to Java for use in Kick Assembler!