Chapter 17. 3rd Party Java plugins

It's possible to write you own plugins for Kick Assembler. Currently the following types of plugins are supported:

  • Macro Plugins - Implements macros

  • Modify Plugins – Implements modifiers

  • SegmentModifier Plugins – Implements segment modifiers

  • Archive Plugins – Used to group multiple plugins in one unit

  • AutoIncludeFile Plugins – Used to include a source code file in an archive

  • DiskWriter Plugins – Used to write d64 image disk writers.

17.1. The Test Project

Before going any further I suggest you download the plugin development test eclipse project from the Kick Assembler website.

To use it do the following:

  1. Create an Eclipse workspace.

  2. ’Import->Existing Projects into workspace->Select archive file’ and select the downloaded project file.

  3. Replace the KickAss.jar file in the jars folder with the newest version, if necessary.

You are now ready to start. In the src folder you can see examples of how the plugins are made. The files in PluginTest shows how to use them and in the launch folder is launch files for running the examples (Rightclick->Run As).