5. Value Types

Table 47. Value Types

Type Example Description
65xxArgument ($10),y A value that defines an argument given to a mnemnonic.
BinaryFile LoadBinary("file.bin", "") A value containing byte data.
Boolean true Either true or false.
Char 'x' A character.
Hashtable Hashtable() A value representing a hashtable.
List List() A list value.
Matrix Matrix() Represents a 4x4 matrix.
Null null A null value.
Number 27.4 A floating point number.
OutputFile createFile("breakpoints.txt") An value representing an output file.
Picture LoadPicture("blob.gif") The contents of a loaded picture.
SidFile LoadSid("music.sid") The contents of a sid file.
String "Hello" A string value.
Struct MyStruct(1,2) Represents a user defined structure.
Vector Vector(1,2,3) A 3d vector value.