2.3. Configuring the Assembler

Kick Assembler has a lot of command line options (a summary is given in Quick Reference). For example, if you assemble your program with the –showmem option you will get a memorymap shown after assembling:

java –jar kickass.jar –showmem myCode.asm

By placing a file called KickAss.cfg in the same folder as the KickAss.jar, you can set command line options that are used at every assembling. Lets say you always wants to have shown a memorymap after assembling and then have the result executed in the C64 emulator VICE. Then you write the following in the KickAss.cfg file:

-execute “c:/c64/winvice/x64.exe –confirmexit”
# This is a comment

(Replace c:/c64/winvice/ with a path that points to the vicefolder on your machine)

All lines starting with # are treated as comments.