11.5. Disk Parameters

The simplest disk you can create is by only giving the filename of the disk image. The rest of the parameters is then filled out by default values:

.disk [filename="MyDisk.d64"]

Like in the .file directive you can use %o notation to get the name of the sourcefile. You fill in extra parameters as a comma separated list. Here we add a disk name and an id, which is displayed in the top of the directory:

.disk [filename="MyDisk.d64", name="THE DISK", id="2021!" ] 

The complete of possible parameters for the disk is:

Table 11.2. Disk parameters

Parameter Default Example Description
dontSplitFilesOverDir false dontSplitFilesOverDir If set to true, the file that would otherwise have sectors on both sides of the directory track will be moved to after the directory track.
filename   filename="MyDisk.d64" The name of the disk image
format "commodore" format="commodore" Sets the format of the disk. The options are: "commodore", "speeddos", "dolphindos"
id " 2A" id="2021!" The disk id
interleave 10 interleave=10 Sets the default interleave value for the disk
name "UNNAMED" name="THE DISK!" The disk name
showInfo false showInfo Print info about the generated disk after creation. (Start track, sector etc.)
storeFilesInDir false storeFilesInDir If set to true, files can be stored in the sectors of the directory track not used by the directory itself.